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Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong Application for Admission
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General Information

(Exactly as in identity document)

(Exactly as in identity document)

(Preferred name other than the child’s given names, if any)

(In Traditional Characters, if any)

Applicants born in HKSAR or Macau SAR should choose “Hong Kong” or “Macau” respectively.

Applicants holding a HKSAR or Macau SAR passport should choose “Hong Kong” or “Macau” respectively.

Full Hong Kong Identity Card number (including number in parenthesis)

Please select “Pending” if your child’s visa is still processing

Address in HK

Address in Overseas or Outside HK

Academic Information – Present Kindergarten / Nursery (if applicable)

Note: As part of the admissions process we may contact the Principal/ Head and request the completion of a confidential child profile form.

Academic Information – Previous Kindergartens / Nursery (if applicable)
Previous School(s)

Add Previous School(s)

Background Information
Language Background

For Putonghua or Mandarin speaker, please select “Mandarin”; for Cantonese speaker, please select “Cantonese”

For Putonghua or Mandarin speaker, please select “Mandarin”; for Cantonese speaker, please select “Cantonese”

(If Any)

Personal Development Questionnaire

If the answer is YES to any of the following questions, please provide further details below and relevant reports. Failure to disclose any relevant information may lead to withdrawal from the school once a need has been identified.

How is the level of self-care skills of your child in the following areas?

Health Information

e.g. eyesight deficiency, impaired hearing, asthma, epilepsy, G6PD, Eczema, phobias, special dietary needs or emotional concerns due to death of a parent, separation, adoption, etc.